Fondation Horlogère
Fondation Horlogère


Héritage of know-how

Established in 2001, the Watch-making Foundation gives itself for mission the promotion and the protection of the Jura watch-making heritage. The efforts are largely given rhythm by the voluntary work of the members of the Foundation. By the organization of exhibitions and events, it encourages the preservation of the watch-making know-how and its transmission.

So, during almost four years, the Watch-making Foundation carried a project of restoration of a clock with unstable sphere kept in Saint-Petersburg. This adventure allowed about forty apprentices of the schools of watchmaker's shop of Porrentruy and Morteau to approach a rare historic room and to live an enriching and unforgettable experience.

Historic vocation

Besides, its vocation is also historic. The past is an inexhaustible source of wealth certainly, but it also helps us to understand our current company and to envisage the future.

A testimony throughout the time

Today still, the watchmaker's shop occupies a dominating place in the Jura economy. Through the acquisition and the exhibition of the old documents and the unique parts, the Watch-making Foundation allows watch-making establishments to leave a track, a testimony through time. In this context, historic researches are made for companies, in particular for jubilees. Besides, a database of more than 9000 names of houses and Jura watchmakers was established.

Its main activities are:

  • The acquisition of rooms of watchmaker's shop
  • The delivery of parts, in working order
  • The historic research on the Swiss watch-making
  • The archiving of documents, the collection of books, the historic researches on the marks of watches
  • The possibility offered to people or to companies to make a legacy for the history
  • The development of the attraction and the watch-making image of the region

For the realization of its objectives, the Watch-making Foundation fitted out a place intended for the storage, for the exhibitions, for the demonstrations, for the conferences and also serving as meeting place for the future of the Jura watch-making history(story). An old of watch-making was reconstituted.

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